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Books and CD’s about sleep abound today. Dr. Naiman’s unique contributions to sleep and dream publications are based on an integrative approach, which is comprehensive, accessible and practical. He is currently authoring a series of works for both public and professional audiences.

Hush: A Book of Bedtime Contemplations

by Rubin R. Naiman, PhD

Hush is not another book of sleep tips but one of sleep transformation. Born of an integration of sleep science and spirituality, Hush was written to complement professional perspectives with more traditional sacred views of sleep and dreams. Hush is a nightly reader providing ‘100 spiritual prescriptions for sleep’ that are are designed to speak to the heart as well as the mind. They are not intended to provoke deep analysis, but rather to invoke deep sleep.

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The Yoga of Sleep

by Rubin R. Naiman, PhD

Dr. Andrew Weil has called his colleague Dr. Rubin Naiman a true pioneer in integrative sleep and dream medicine. Dr. Naiman has given us a new understanding of human consciousness that weaves sleep, dreams, and waking into a unified whole.

On The Yoga of Sleep, he bridges modern science with the world’s wisdom traditions to present a two-CD program on the untapped potential of sleep and dreams — not only for health and wellness, but also for higher awareness and spiritual realization. It features five guided practices based on Dr. Naiman’s unique approach to sleep: Your Personal Bedtime Stories, A Mindful Surrender to Sleep, The Sacred Art of Awakening, and more.

To Sleep ToNight

by Rubin R. Naiman, PhD

At one time or another insomnia impacts nearly everyone. Stress, arising from personal or professional challenges, transitions or travel, and even upbeat experiences such as holidays and celebrations, can deprive us of indispensable sleep.

This innovative double-CD system provides “first aid” to help manage such stress-induced sleeplessness. Through an integration of sleep science and special hypnoacoustic technology, To Sleep ToNight offers practical and effective strategies to optimize your chances of sleep and minimize the effects of sleeplessness.

To Sleep ToNight includes cutting edge information as well as focused practices to help you get to sleep. But it doesn’t stop there. It also provides novel guidance and practices to manage those nights when it feels like sleep is just impossible. Zip archive of 6 high quality MP3 files.

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Healing Night

The Science and Spirit of Sleeping, Dreaming, and Awakening
by Rubin R. Naiman, PhD

An innovative vision of the role of night in human health and spirituality, by the sleep and dream specialist for Dr. Andrew Weil’s Program in Integrative Medicine.

In Healing Night, clinical psychologist Rubin R. Naiman explores sleeping, dreaming, and awakening, going far beyond the science of sleep medicine to reflect on what he believes is the profoundly spiritual nature of night consciousness. Naiman reveals how the erosion of night by artificial light and the devaluation of sleep and dreaming have led to an epidemic of sleep disorders and consequent days of chronically dazed waking consciousness. Drawing on both clinical experience and personal explorations, Naiman offers a fresh look at sleep and dreams, and provides alternative healing practices for sleep disturbances. Moreover, he challenges us to acknowledge our spiritual night blindness and embrace the sacredness of night.

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Healthy Sleep

by Andrew Weil, MD and Rubin R. Naiman, PhD

On a double CD audio book, two mind-body experts present an innovative sleep-health program for body, mind, and spirit that features:

  • Dr. Weil’s medically proven lifestyle recommendations and breathing exercises to help decrease stress and promote relaxation
  • Dr. Naiman’s most effective strategies for managing common sleep disorders, such as insomnia and sleep apnea. “Good sleep is not just about the number of hours one spends in bed,” according to Dr. Weil and Dr. Naiman. “It must also reflect the depth and quality of that sleep.” Acclaimed physician Andrew Weil joins sleep expert Rubin Naiman to teach natural lifestyle approaches and practical exercises to attain healthy sleep.

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 The Nature of Sleep

by Rubin R. Naiman, PhD

If you ever have trouble falling asleep or lay awake in the middle of the night, this DVD can help. In this exquisitely filmed 60 minute Relaxation DVD, you’ll watch beautiful, slow-moving images of nature while you listen to soothing music (flutes, oboes, and keyboards) to slow your heart and breathing rates as you follow the calming words of Dr. Naiman’s almost hypnotic voice-over narration.

This DVD helps you let go of your stressful day and drift into a restful night’s sleep without any effort, without any pills and without any lingering side effects the next day.

Main program: 60 min.

Bonus features include a Q&A session with Dr. Naiman where he answers commonly asked questions about sleep as well as a short program on Ten Key concepts about Healthy Sleep. Bonus features Approx. 30 min.

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